Sinus Lift Procedure in Phoenix, AZ

Sinus lift (augmentation) is done when there is not enough bone height in upper premolar and molar areas for dental implants to be placed. This highly successful procedure (greater than 95% success rate) allows placement of longer implants, leading to increased stability.

There are two types of sinus lifts available depending on amount of bone available for dental implant placement:

– Vertical Sinus lift (Osteotome/ Summers technique) is performed when there is still a good amount of bone available below the sinus. This minimally invasive technique allows for immediate placement of dental implant after elevation of the sinus membrane. It allows for shorter post-treatment waiting time.

– Lateral Window Sinus lift is indicated when there is very minimal bone available below the sinus. A small window is created on your jaw bone, sinus membrane is lifted, and bone grafting material is added under the membrane. This is more invasive procedure and requires lengthy healing time.

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