Root Canals in Phoenix, AZ

Root canals or root canal treatments in Phoenix, AZ are procedures used to treat the inside of the tooth. The root of the tooth is a vital area that has the nerves and vessels supplying it. When this area becomes infected, finding root canals near you becomes very important. At All In One Benso Family Dental in Phoenix, AZ, we’ve been providing dozens of patients each month with root canals for a long time.

If you’re looking for an experienced dentist near you for root canals, we’re here to help. We’ll explain the procedure to you before any work is done. You will also be told what to expect in terms of recovery and your dental health.

Root Canal Indications

As mentioned earlier, at All In One Benso Family Dental, we’ll recommend root canals to patients with infected teeth. When there’s a deep infection in a tooth, root canal treatment will be required to clear it out. Multiple factors can lead to root canal infections.

Patients who have deep and untreated dental cavities will eventually have infected pulp. Pulp infections are also common in patients who receive trauma to their teeth or undergo multiple dental procedures. Most root canal problems can be treated, but sometimes, the problem is severe and the only solution is to remove the affected tooth. Quickly seeking treatment can help prevent this from happening.

Root Canal Procedures

Patients who need root canals will need to come in for two visits. During the first visit, our goal is to treat the underlying infection and clean the pulp. Local anesthesia will be injected first to numb your mouth and prevent you from feeling any pain.

Next, a small incision will be made so we can access the core of the tooth. Dead tissue will be removed, and the area will be irrigated with water. We’ll then fill the tooth using a special type of fillings and close the incision.

A few weeks later, patients need to return for crown placement. Teeth that undergo root canals need crowns for additional strength and protection. We’ll give you instructions after each visit so your recovery can be swift and easy.

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