Gummy Smile Reduction in Phoenix, AZ

An attribute that is common in a smile is an overexposure of gums. Although it’s common, it’s a characteristic that patients don’t particularly enjoy, thinking their “gummy smile” is embarrassing. Thankfully, your Glendale AZ dentist has the perfect solution for patients who wish to change their smile—gum laser plastic surgery. Below, we will further discuss how patients get gummy smiles and what the procedure entails.

When a patient smiles and a majority of their gums are exposed, this is due to overgrown gum tissue that ends up covering the surface of their teeth. This also makes their teeth look smaller in comparison. This can be due to a number of reasons; from heredity, health conditions, and certain medications. Unfortunately, this can dominate someone’s smile and take away the attention from their teeth.

Although patients may not think that surgery to correct their gummy smile is necessary since it’s usually for cosmetic purposes, it can enhance several aspects of their personal life. The amount of confidence a patient has goes through the roof after this correction because they feel safer and happier to share their smile than they may have in the past. Not only will you notice, but so will your friends and family!

This surgery isn’t strictly for cosmetic purposes. When patients are being treated for dental issues like periodontal procedures, gum contouring may be necessary in order to fully remove the threat of an issue in the future. It can also be done if the gum is covering the crown of a tooth, which is dangerous and can harm your oral health.

Your dentist will go into detail about what your procedure will be like while also answering any questions that you may have about it. When it comes to recovering after the surgery, he will provide you with specific instructions in order to have an easy recovery period.

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